Sunday, April 17

Level 2 - Speaking Tasks - Simple Present




Presentations Level 3 - Biographies


Part 1


Part 2





Part 1 only (technical problem)


Tuesday, March 22

LEVEL 8 - Video Activity

Go to Facebook and wacht the episode of "Who do you think you are".

There are perfect modals (subjunctives) which are important to understand the story. Write them down when you get them.

Make notes of the things that impressed you most.

I found this show very interesting, I hope you like it too.

See you in your "last class", teacher Silvia.

Monday, March 21

Monday: The most curious facts on Earth

Check these videos. Did you know any of these facts? Write down the ones you were most impressed

Check out this great MSN video: 10 Abandoned Places Explained

Spring begins tomorrow, doesn't it? It doesn't look like ... See you in class, teacher Silvia

Sunday, March 20

Sunday Question: Geography

The 5 or 6 tallest mountains in the world, outside of Asia, are located in which two countries?

Happy Sunday, teacher Silvia

Saturday, March 19

Saturday Trivia - Words

The only English word with five consecutive vowels is something the British do while waiting for a bus. What is it?

See you in class, teacher Silvia.

Friday, March 18

Friday Fun Stuff - Intelligence in Dogs

Check out this great MSN video: Dog Feels Guilty

Friday Question - History

Around 2,000 years ago, Rome was considered the center of the world, but the city began to decline after this Roman Emperor transferred his capital to Byzantium in 330 A.D. Who was he?

See you then, teacher Silvia

Thursday, March 17

St. Patrick's Day Traditions Explained

May you have the luck O' The Irish, teacher Silvia

Wednesday, March 16

Wednesday Trivia

Which military general is said to have wept because there were no worlds left to conquer?

See you in class, teacher Silvia

Tuesday, March 15

Tuesday Question - Technology

What modern technological advance that most of us use today, was "born" at the UCLA, in 1969?

See you in class, teacher Silvia

Monday, March 14

Monday Question - People

People from what English city call themselves brummies?

See you in class, teacher Silvia

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